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Born Free Live Free Ride Free

Welcome to the official web site of the original Free Riders MC- New York ! The following were two of the internet's pioneer eclubs formed during the year 2000.

The Free Riders MC was founded in Staten Island, NY in May 1975. Its six founding members were Schoolboy, Honcho, Chico, Schoolgirl, Dee and Poochie. The original club was nonpatch. Free Riders MC began flying colors in 1978.Our "three piece patch" consisted of a top and bottom rocker with white letters on a red and black background. Our centerpatch consisted of an eagle descending upon a wheel with "flames" on both sides. The club creed is Born Free Live Free Ride Free.

The club was incorporated in the state of New York in  May 1986. The original 18 charter members were Schoolboy,Chico, Lefty, Apache, ChickenG, WildBill, Doobie, PaulieC, ChicoII, Whiteline, Schoolgirl, Tiny, LittleBit, WildOne, Kim, LadyG, Chris and Eileen.

The Free Riders MC "retired" its colors and closed in June 1991. Presently we are non-affiliated independent bikers. As such we do not fly colors. Membership is free, nationwide and open to males and females 21 and over.

The Free Riders Club charter members were Schoolboy, Ron, Lefty, Sam, Angelo, Billy Bus, PaulyCrash, TBone, MikePMS, JimBeeza, Rey, Lui, Mac, Heavy Metal, Willie, Ray, Leo, Tux, Victor, Helen, Synthia, Karen, Dina, Lynne    JoAnn, Renee, Maria, Maria II, Dee, Pat, Blanca, Patti, Danielle, Dana, Tiffany, Lori and Precious.

FreeRidersUSA formerly Free Riders Club and Good Time Riders was co-founded by Schoolboy and Ron. The formerclubs merged on July 4, 2001. The FreeRidersUSA 27 charter members were Schoolboy, Lefty, Sam, Angelo, HeavyMetal, JimBeeza, Lui, Willie, Mac, Ron, Tux, Ray, Leo, Victor, Bob, Dina, Lynne, Joann, Maria, Blanca, Patti, Dana, Danielle, Helen, Pat, Dee, and Sinthia.


* This is a Neutral Zone. It is dedicated to individuals and clubs who are drawn together in the kindred spirit of Riding Free. Give Respect - Get Respect!